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Give yourself time, feeling pampered and relaxed, Body Oil from Houses of Nature could be just the ticket.


Welcome to Houses of Nature

100% Natural Products

Houses of nature is proud to only offer 100% natural products with sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly in the UK exclusively from Angati Vienna - Austria Natural Cosmetics Manufacturer specialised in naturalness.

We sell highly developed effective products based on pure nature.

We started our family business in herbal and natural products in 2007 and we were fascinated by Angati's products and mission.

We decided to spread the joy of using these amazing Natural products and to be part of protecting our planet.    

Give your body a skin that breathes.

Good Natural Quality Guaranteed


Our Values

The harmony of mind and body, which refreshes the soul and preserves nature, 

is a special concern for us - this applies to all our products.

Loving - Innovative - Sustainable - Natural – Honest

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Our Beliefs

Our environment requires careful treatment in order for the Earth to remain a liveable place for all people and to enable it to recover and grow again.
Our body also needs careful tending to and it is up to each of us to choose the right path, based on a healthy diet and consumer sustainability.


Our Mission

We make a valuable contribution to our environment, which we all visibly benefit from, by using sustainable, eco-friendly, organic products that clean, treat and naturally make skin and hair beautiful.

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Get In Touch

At Houses of Nature, we’re there for all our clients. Want to learn more about our wide range of brand name products, or have a specific question in mind? Contact us to guarantee you are satisfied with your purchase.

London England

(+44) 7707322327

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