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About Angati

The products of Angati Cosmetics nourish the skin optimally and richly with the best of available in nature.


Angati’s natural cosmetics were created out of love for our health, the environment, and future generations. We specialize in naturalness and primarily use raw materials derived from organic farming. Our care, cleaning, massage and wellness products are manufactured entirely by hand in accordance with the strict B33 guidelines (Austrian Food Code).


Our company was founded in 2017 and is based in beautiful Vienna, Austria.   


We produce both natural cosmetics as well as natural detergents, cleaning agents and disinfectants. We are committed to working as sustainably as possible before, during and after production, and to bringing sustainable consumer advice and use closer to our customers.


Austria has already become a trailblazer in passing the strictest laws for natural and organic cosmetics. This comprises an additional incentive for us to proactively continue to not only meet these requirements but to go above and beyond them.

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