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Valued Customers

F Robinson

The hand sanitiser, I like very much, its smell is a pleasantly fresh, botanical perfume and it dispenses easily from the slim attractive cylinder container. The gel is not sticky or too runny like some and evaporates well after rubbing without residue. Its green credentials are attractive too.

Zeb R

GREAT QUALITY AND VALUE PRODUCTS Amazing products with natural ingredients. I purchased the body oil, face wash, deodorant sticks and hand sanitisers and they are all brilliant. Good value for money. Highly recommended stuff!

Lauretta Wright

We tried a selection of Houses of Nature products including the hand sanitiser, deodorant and hand cream. We loved deodorant’s push-up stick concept and it had a nice, subtle scent (made from essential oils) that wasn’t overpowering. The creamy texture also meant that it was easy to apply. The hand cream’s smell was lovely and absorbed quickly. It left the skin a little tacky for just a couple of minutes suggesting it’s quite a rich cream for hands. And finally, the hand sanitiser came in a lovely little package (ideal handbag size) and a little went a long way in terms of application. The smell was also pleasant (I could smell eucalyptus) and it’s nice to know it’s free of petrochemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, enzymes, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

Need to know: I love the fact that products are used with raw materials derived from organic farming – there are no nasties in any of them – something that more and more people are realising is very important. Prices are a little higher than items you’d see on supermarket shelves for example, (the deodorant is £14.99), but I believe they are good value and you pay for what you get. What’s more, the company uses sustainable packaging and is environmentally-friendly – a win-win.

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