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Consists of 100% biodegradable ingredients and has been enhanced with nourishing active ingredients. It gently protects and cares for our hands, even in times of intensive use. By choosing the right essential oils, the gel has a magically pleasant scent.

Our Sanitizer Hand Gel is free of petrochemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, dyes, enzymes, genetic engineering and nanotechnology.

We do NOT use dangerous substances and acids (e.g., iodic acid), which makes it ideal for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Since the hand gel is alcohol-based (min. 75% organic alcohol) with eucalyptus and benzoe siam essential oils, it is a VIRUCIDE, BACERICIDE and FUNGICIDE. Not all disinfectants have these properties, especially if they are acid- based!

Sanitizer Hand Gel

SKU: 21554345656
  • 50 ml or 100ml

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